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We are a small team of developers, testers and generally nice people that want to make your experience using ThinkPads on Linux just a little bit more enjoyable.

Meet the people

  Ognjen Galić


(aka. smclt30p, on the right)

Ognjen is the founder of and one of the core developers
here on the site. He manages the Ubuntu repository as well as new releases.

He is 18 years old and is from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

email: [email protected]
irc: smclt30p on Freenode
github: smclt30p


smlb is one of the testers and the maintainer of the Arch Linux AUR
packages. He is the first to test dockd on Mini Dock Series 3 with
an X230 and report back bugs.

He is from Italy.

irc: smlb on Freenode
github: smlb

  Andrea Scarpino

(aka. ilpianista)

A white hat hacker from Italy, he contributed code to the libthinkpad
examples and helped in fixing bugs on the Mini Dock 3 alongside smlb.

He is the author of arch-audit, the security auditing tool for Arch Linux.

irc: ilpianista on Freenode
github: ilpianista

  Flavio Castelli

(aka. flavio)

A software engineer from Italy currently working in SUSE as a engineering manager on the containers team. He is the maintainer of the openSUSE packages from

email: [email protected]
github: flavio

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