libthinkpad  2.6
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NThinkPadThe main libthinkpad interface. This contains all the libthinkpad features
 NHardwareThis namespace handles ThinkPad hardware, such as docks, lights and batteries
 CBacklightThe backlight class is used to control the backlight level on the integrated laptop screen
 CDockUsed to probe for the dock validity and probe for basic information about the dock
 CThinkLightUed to probe for the ThinkLight state and validity
 NPowerManagementThe power management interfaces. Here you can find ACPI event handlers and power management state configurators and handlers
 CACPIThis handles the system power state and ACPI event dispatches
 CACPIEventHandlerThis is the abstract ACPI event handler class
 CPowerStateManagerClass for hardware power management
 NUtilitiesThis part of the library contains various help classes such as ini readers and writers, parsers and converters
 NIniThis namespace is a ini/conf/desktop file reader/writer
 CIniThis class represents a .ini/.conf/.desktop file parser based on the Windows INI standard
 CIniKeypairDefines a keypair in a .ini file
 CVersioningClass used for programs to access the library version